Episode 10 Guest

Benny Giang

Benny Giang - Co-Founder of CryptoKitties and Product Manager at Axiom Zen
Benny Giang is Co-Founder of CryptoKitties and a Product Manager at Axiom Zen. He has a background in psychology, user experience design, and product growth. He has worked on a wide range of startups from industrial internet of things, knowledge management platforms, and assisted AI for sales reps. Spending most of his time in the earlier part of 2017 working on Toby, a Chrome extension that won awards from Product Hunt and the Google Chrome store. It was also accepted into Y Combinator Startup School and was one of the top startups in the cohort. 

Benny has been fascinated by cryptocurrencies since early 2016 and was an early supporter of Ethereum. He formally transitioned from working on Upright AI to blockchain products because he saw first-hand how people didn't have control of their own personal data specifically in the sales lead generation business. Benny played a pivotal role in launching CryptoKitties during its infancy to its current global success. He is exploring the intersection of cryptography, games, and art by extending the interactive features of a digital asset using smart contracts. 

Currently, he is leading the charge in expanding the imagination of digital assets on the blockchain in Asia. He is also working on blockchain educational programs with gaming and entertainment companies. 

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