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Blockchain technology is transformative, disruptive and has the potential to redefine business and propel humanity into the decentralized future. It is also complex, confusing, and only fully understood by a tiny subset of the world’s population. In this podcast, hosts Ben Arnon and Jay Kolbe speak with leading experts - both within and outside of the blockchain industry - who will help make sense of this emerging technology. Conversations focus on tangible examples of blockchain’s impact on mainstream consumers. We also discuss how blockchain will bridge the gap between today’s early adopters and those fostering mass adoption.

This podcast aims to break down blockchain without dumbing it down. Our show is enjoyed by both experienced blockchain technology experts as well as newcomers to the space.

Join us as we bridge from blockchain ideas to realities.

Episode 6 - Security Tokens: Keep Calm and Carry On

June 12, 2018

Overview of Episode:
In this episode, Ben and Jay delve into the many facets of tokenization with a leading voice in the space, Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets. From the value of fractional digital share ownership to the global ramifications of security tokens, we take a closer look at this rapid-moving, often over-hyped but clearly substantive cousin of the utility token. 

Pomp details why security tokens are evolutionary versus revolutionary, with respect to the use of technology. He goes on to break down the process of tokenizing the equity of ANEXIO, an Inc 500 company that provides large scale IT infrastructure as a service, from paper to digital shares and beyond. Pomp discusses they key components for successfully digitizing ownership of assets, and dives into the perception versus reality of whether there's a "utility token bubble," explaining why bubbles can be a net positive for any emerging market.  

The conversation delves into the evolution of digital audio files, in an attempt to frame the evolution of digital securities. Pomp also delivers recommendations and advice for the SEC with respect to creating a framework for regulation of security tokens.

Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano
- Founder & Partner, Morgan Creek Digital Assets

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Episode 5 - GDPR me ASAP: Consumer Managed Data Goes Mainstream 

June 5, 2018

Overview of Episode:
In this episode, Ben and Jay dive into consumer managed data with the CEO and Founder of WibsonMat Travizano, who delves into why consumers should take back their data and why he believes General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) will reshape individual's relationship with data. 

Mat touches on the role Internet platforms such as Google and Facebook play in the world of data; why consumers have become comfortable with exchanging their data for services from these companies and how he expects these companies to respond when consumers start taking back control of their data. He calls out the "data brokers" and middlemen who sell sensitive consumer data, but provide little-to-no value to consumers. Mat provides an overview of GDPR; why consumer managed data is well-aligned and how it'll work going forward with the new regulation. He delves into people's data rights and how consumers worldwide will respond to the opportunity to manage their data. Mat offers guidance about how much money individuals should expect to earn from owning their data. 

Mat offers a preview of the coming economy of data, where the raw material is the data consumers manage. He touches on how IOT data can be used to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) -- for a variety of business applications -- and why the tools you use to control your data are as important as understanding your individual freedom when it comes to managing consent for your data.

Mat Travizano
- Co-Founder & CEO, Grandata and Wibson

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Episode 4 - Tokenize the World: Early Adopters of Security Tokens "Eat Their Own Dog Food!" 

May 29, 2018

Overview of Episode:
Ben catches up with Greg Gilman, Founder of Science Blockchain, to talk about launching one of the world's first security tokens. Greg talks about his journey from security token discovery to evangelizing and managing the process with venture firms new to digital ownership. Greg recalls his initial conversations with institutional investors; answering their questions about custody and calming their fears about custody and legalities. Greg goes into why Science Blockchain decided to issue such a complex security token, and why it was so important to deliver value back to token holders -- who are limited partners -- who have a vested interest in Science's portfolio companies. 

Greg discusses his partnership with Argon Group and Tokenhub, to ensure full and ongoing compliance for Science's security token. He mentions the role Open Finance NetworkPolymath's wrapper and Habor's R-Token standard play in managing the downstream, post-sale life of a security token. Greg offers some thoughts on what it will take for security tokenization to go mainstream with retail and institutional investors, and why that could lead to an explosion in wealth when illiquid assets become liquid.

Ben and Jay dissect the conversation and how much the security token space has changed in the past few months; how issuers are testing the infrastructure on themselves; and the challenges and realities of post-issuance compliance and trading. They compare and contrast investment practices of VCs with their new blockchain-based brethren. 

Jay talks about the "anticipointment" left in the market by utility tokens, and why it has muddied the waters on security tokens. He talks about how the media are trying to handle the unknowns of security tokens. While Ben explains why security tokes are more comparable to investment options that have been around for decades, just with greater liquidity.

Ben and Jay wrap with a shout out to the "Tokenize the World" crew and Ben claims that "every asset on NASDAQ will be tokenized."

Greg Gilman
- Founder, Science Blockchain and Co-Founder/General Counsel, Science

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Episode 3 - Friends with Benefits: Let's Talk About Regulation

May 22, 2018

Overview of Episode:
In this episode we dive into regulation with two gentleman from the crypto exchange and security token trading platform, VRBex - CEO Gene Grant and COO David Powell. These two have spent their entire careers in global banking and finance regulation -- nobody has better insight. We dive into the current state of regulation and look into what it takes to establish crypto and blockchain businesses that are fully compliant with U.S. financial regulations. We delve into security token trading; which types of assets are ripe for tokenization, why tokenization matters, who has access, and why the top-tier business and financial media have been slow to jump into the conversation. We also talk about the traditional capital financial system and Ben exploring security tokenization for Color Farm Media, to bring more inclusion to film and TV. Gene and David give shout-outs to FINRA, Fried Frank, Kattan Law and Securitize for being stewards in security token space.

Gene Grant
- CEO, VRBex
David Powell - COO, VRBex

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Episode 2 - If Frank Lloyd Wright Was Into Blockchain: A Deep Dive into Token Architecture

May 15, 2018

Overview of Episode:
In this episode we dive into the architecture and economics of tokens on the blockchain with leading token mechanics expert, David Sabo, founding partner of Symbol Network. We discuss what can be learned from the explosion of utility tokens, and delve into where the space is headed with the emergence of security tokens. David shares his unique perspective on the global token market, which is based on his personal review of hundreds of tokenized businesses. He will also talk about global regulation and its impact on token businesses across Europe, Asia and the United States.

David Sabo - Founding Partner, Symbol Network

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Episode 1- UX Design: Designing Blockchain for Mainstream Users

May 8, 2018

Overview of Episode:
In this episode we explore user experience design in the blockchain industry with leading experts Jose Caballer and Chris Pallé. We discuss the current problems that users of blockchain applications face and  solutions to help make blockchain more accessible to mainstream users. Chris and Jose share their unique perspectives about how to design products and organizations for the blockchain technology industry. Our conversation also explores the notion of a “Trust Architect” as a new type of designer for the distributed ledger technology space.

Jose Caballer - Design Chef, ConsenSys
Chris Pallé - Owner, Wisdom & Craft

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Episode 0: Trailer

May 1, 2018

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